Advanced Apache Spark for Data Scientists and Engineers


$70 | 6 sections, 9 exercises, 7 quizzes

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Apache Spark is an open source cluster data processing engine. Spark is designed to provide fast processing of large datasets and high performance for a wide range of applications. Unlike MapReduce, Spark enables in-memory cluster computing which greatly improves the speed of iterative algorithms and interactive data mining tasks.

Adastra Academy’s Advanced Apache Spark includes illuminating video lectures, thorough application examples, a guide to installation of the NetBeans Integrated Development Environment, and quizzes. Through this course, you will learn about Spark’s four built-in libraries – SparkStreaming, DataFrames (SparkSQL), MLlib and GraphX – and how to develop, build, tune, and debug Spark applications. The course exercises will enable you to become proficient at creating fully functional real-world applications using the Apache Spark libraries. Unlike other courses, we give you the guided and ground-up approach to learning Spark that you need in order to become an expert.

Recommended for:

  • Data scientists
  • Data engineers
  • Developers